Dynamis Advisors
Collaborative Planning

Collaborative Planning with Dynamis Advisors

Imai Keller Moore has provided architectural and planning services to Dynamis Advisors since 1998.

Located in Cleveland, Ohio, Dynamis Advisors provides strategic planning and business development for healthcare institutions throughout the nation. Imai Keller Moore has assisted with facility master planning, neighborhood development, and urban planning for over 20 projects in cities across the U.S., including New Orleans, Detroit, and Takoma Park, MD.

The nature of the work ranges from participation and documentation of locally based charrettes to ongoing phased strategic planning for hospital downsizing or expansions.

Through this experience Dynamis Advisors and Imai Keller Moore have developed a program that provides neglected neighborhoods a strategy for economic sustainability by furnishing the components necessary to create a healthy community: healthcare & wellness, education, housing, employment and job training, coupled with commercial and retail incubation, day care, and open spaces.

The goal of this program is to allow these communities to “grow in place”—by supplying the community with job training, the means to find employment, and increasing the neighborhood’s rate of retention for trained professionals, IKM and Dynamis seek to create a town with a stable, sustainable population out of one small change.