Laboratory for Advanced Materials

MIT Laboratory for Advanced Materials

1600 sf

IKM’s design for the new collaborative Laboratory for Advanced Materials (L.A.M.) showcases the Department of Materials Science and Engineering innovative research while accommodating many types of investigative initiatives including light- and temperature-sensitive optical experiments. The ceiling gridwork supports a robust and flexible array of lab services connections in anticipation of supporting a variety of research equipment.

The new lab is located along the “Infinite Corridor” in MIT’s Main Group, its glass walls continuing the transparency of earlier IKM projects: Department of Materials Science and Engineering’s Undergraduate Teaching Lab and the adjacent Nanomechanical Research Lab. The glass walls of the L.A.M. enliven the corridor and allow the MIT community as well as prospective students and donors to view the scientists at work. Optical experiments and work spaces are tucked behind solid walls.

The program includes a main research lab that will be on display to corridor traffic with optical and chemistry labs obscured from view.