Mount Ida College
Malloy Hall

Mount Ida College, Newton, MA

Malloy Hall is a 1980’s dormitory at Mount Ida College which was deteriorated by water infiltration in its walls and roof. Imai Keller Moore Architects worked with Building Envelope Technology and RSE Structural Engineers to reconstruct all of the exterior walls and repair the faulty flashing and waterproofing details.

In doing so, IKM also replaced all of the siding material and redesigned the windows, replacing them with clear-anodized aluminum windows with larger glass area and ventilation. The color scheme articulates the massing of the original building and gives a better scale and identity to segments of the larger dormitory.

A major part of the project was to create a new entrance lobby and student lounge on the ground floor, as well as reorganize the laundry facilities to a central location (making room for additional beds on the upper floors). IKM also looked at the floor plans and devised ways of increasing the amount of common space on each floor and added resident advisor apartments. The project added 30 new rooms on the top floor in former attic space.