The Fenn School
Master Planning

The Fenn School, Concord, MA

Imai Keller Moore has been working with the Fenn School, a school for 300 boys from grades four to nine in Concord, Massachusetts, to develop a new master plan including a new Meeting & Performance Hall and new Library and Science Classroom Building.

The school is at the edge of the historic center of town and has a clearly recognizable architectural scale and vocabulary. The scope of these projects and limitations on the available land make substantial change to the existing building pattern inevitable, so IKM has developed a new planning model for the school.

Our approach has been informed by archetypes of New England planning and building, such as the town green with fields beyond and the traditional meeting house with belltower, while incorporating elements unique to Fenn, such as the Senior Seats which wrap the Meeting Hall. The Library & Science Center is designed to maximize the use of available land, while complementing the iconic Fenn courtyard off of Monument Street.